Delhi Sultanate and Flux Vortex

Delhi Sultanate and Flux Vortex


6 June 2018


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi



Delhi Sultanate

Born in New Delhi, India but having spent formative years in Germany and the US (Bay Area), Delhi Sultanate, has long pioneered the sounds of dancehall/hip-hop and performance poetry in India. In addition to his solo career, he is the MC and a founding member of BASSFoundation, New Delhi's first dubstep, drum 'n' bass and reggae sound system, as well as lead singer of India's first ska and rocksteady band The Ska Vengers.


Flux Vortex

Flux Vortex is Aditya Kapoor - a Delhi based electronic music producer who dabbles in dub and surrounds himself in ambient downtempo atmospheres, occasionally. He began making electronic music at the tender age of 16 and, apart from his music also hosts a show titled 'Hole In The Ground' on



Delhi Sultanate Flux Vortex


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