Natasha Noorani

Natasha Noorani
Zainab Zulfikar

Natasha Noorani has a diverse range as a singer-songwriter, playback singer and voice-over artist. While pursuing contemporary pop music, she has also been training in khayal gayaki and was awarded the Goethe Talents Scholarship in 2019. Noorani released her debut EP ‘Munaasib’ in 2018 which explored her diverse range as a singer-songwriter exploring her R'n'B, neo-soul and progressive rock influences.

She is currently undertaking a project in the preservation of oral narratives and sound recordings pertaining to Pakistani music. Noorani's multi-faceted approach towards Pakistani music enables her to serve as a liaison between the artists, the Government of Pakistan and various cultural bodies such as UNESCO and British Council. Noorani is the Co-Founder and Festival Director of premier music festival cum symposium, Lahore Music Meet (LMM), which has been taking place annually since 2015.




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