Hanumankind is the lyrical rap identity donned by Sooraj Cherukat who’s made a splash of a debut not too long ago. With the debut festival performance at NH7 coinciding with his first release from his debut EP 'Kalari' set the stage for cementing his position as an undeniable force in the space of up and coming independent artists in the subcontinent. The journey has been focused on creating music that’s ever-evolving, challenging, boundary-pushing and is developing to age well as time goes. With the start of the pandemic, a lot of progress was definitely dampened, but through that time, the music creation process was amped up, leading to the release of the collaborative project 'Surface Level' with Kalmi. The latest single Genghis showcased the evolution of Hanumankind and the artistic styling that he brings across visual content. The recent feature on Netflix’s “Namma Stories” is one of the notable moments for the artist in 2021. After being featured on platforms like VICE, FirstPost, ColorsxStudios Blog, Times of India, Indian Express, VH1 Supersonic, Casa Bacardi, Nh7 Weekender, Under25, the tone is set for great releases.




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