Mind Against

Mind Against


29 March 2018


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi


Rs 300 / Rs500

Techno duo from Amsterdam alongside home-bred Delhi based acts.

Mind Against
Brothers Alessandro Fognini and Federico Fognini, alias Mind Against will be playing across 4 cities this March. The duo are known to draw their musical expression from a combination of IDM, house and techno, revelling in peak club experiences; their sound often being described as ‘cosmic techno’.

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Growing up on an electric diet of house and techno, Bis3ctor is hard to pin down musically, starting at an early age of 18, it took only a few years for him to find his strongholds. Now a regular fixture at SHC club scene Bis3ctor has shared the stage with well know artists.


Jay Pei

Jay Pei is a New Delhi based producer and DJ who has pioneered his own unique sound, enthralling audiences with it across the length of the country. Building his music and sets upon rhythmic foundations of the 4/4 groove, Jay's more recent experimentation has been towards integrating cinematic elements in to the atmospheric soundscapes of his set. While a lot of his techniques may seem contradictory to the mainstream, they have led him to find and explore his own unique voice. One could say that his music comes from the best of both worlds - analog and digital. With his use of analog drum machines and synthesizers to lay down the foundation of his tracks and digital devices to integrate the work flow. Moving with a unique ebb and flow, Jay's penchant for composing melodies, combined with his intrinsic knowledge of the music that he plays, especially when performing his signature all original set, has propelled Jay and his music to a large audience.





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