Watch: The Ganesh Talkies Release Video For ‘The Great Indian Freak Show’

17 August 2016

Kolkata based four-piece pop/rock outfits the Ganesh Talkies have just released a new video for their latest single – ‘The Great Indian Freakshow’, directed by Sourya Sen and shot by Naman Saraiya. Arguably one of the most charismatic live bands in the country, The Talkies are known for their 90s/post 90s Indian disco influenced, catchy melodies and charismatic live shows.

In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year, the band had mentioned that they’d be focussing on making angrier, heavier music “that gave people something to think about”, and ‘The Great Indian Freakshow’ lives up to that claim by taking a defiant stance against India’s current socio-political clime.

“There are strange things we see in newspapers and social media these days about what’s going on in the country. While most seem hilarious and lots of jokes are made on Twitter, there’s a systematic rot that’s creeping into the society. I wanted to address those issues with this song, which also talks about such issues, albeit in a make believe world. But come to think of it, when history books are being rewritten, rote learning being championed, and trivial issues being blown out of proportion, is this such a make belief world, after all?" – Suyasha Sengupta

The concept of the video centres around a dystopian reality, “which trains young minds to win the most important thing in society, a television reality show - The Great Indian Freak Show” (side note: it isn’t far from fact as Annu Kapoor shows us in this spectacular little nugget of Indian reality TV).

The video shows the training that automaton students go through to make it to the show – in classes like ‘Sexist Joke Appreciation’, ‘The Left Is Always Wrong’, and keep it current with a student writing ‘I will Not Eat Beef Again’ Bart Simpson style across a blackboard.

You can watch the whole thing below and follow the Ganesh Talkies on Facebook for updates.


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