Listen: Fuzzy Logic 'Guerilla Monsoon'

14 October 2014

Mumbai based producer and instrumentalist Arfaaz Kagalwala recently released his sophomore solo EP under his musical alias Fuzzy Logic, called ‘Guerilla Monsoon’.

The 4 track EP dropped on 8 October, soon after the release of the music video for its title track on THUMP. The beautiful video, created by Sachin Pillai draws inspiration from the rain drenched, rolling hills of Maharashtra during the monsoon season, much like the album itself, which Arfaaz claims to have created while he was stuck indoors during the rainy season.

‘Guerilla Monsoon’s’ contemplative tones stand out particularly when compared to Fuzzy’s distinctly dance centric debut EP ‘Money Talks’. His latest output is relaxed, melodic and combines his typically analogue heavy style with the organic sounds of monsoon. The EP’s unconventional percussion in its title track and successor ‘Deluge’ stand out wonderfully against Arfaaz’s distorted vocals, reminding listeners that he’s still a drummer at heart. ‘Guerilla Monsoon’ ends on a high note with the mellifluous and oddly sedative ‘Fools In Paradise’.

Fuzzy Logic will be touring the country this month to promote his EP. For details and updates, follow the artist on Facebook and SoundCloud. Listen to ‘Guerilla Monsoon’ below, ideally on grey, rainy day with a hot cup of chai handy:


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