African Acid is the Future

African Acid is the Future


1 February 2020


antiSOCIAL Mumbai


Image by Camille Bokhobza

African Acid is the Future

Having been described as “the most exciting thing to have happened in Berlin since the wall came down”, African Acid is the Future is an infamous new collective to have emerged out of Berlin’s club scene. Starting as a relatively straightforward gathering in one of Berlin’s many nightclubs, the psychedelic seances soon gained notoriety within the city as the go to place for an extended alternative, decidedly afrocentric dance party. Arguably Berlin’s best keep secret, AAITF filled a gap that was desperately lacking in the nightlife scene over there; colourful flamboyance, decadent stage dressings and complex rhythms with a complete lack of genre specificity. All of this was a welcome break from the punishing 4/4 dominance of Berlin club music, and the people took to it immediately, creating a whole new and totally refreshing niche.

Founders Maryama will be joined by AAITF regular Dauwd.


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