flux vortex

flux vortex

flux vortex is the exhibition of repetition, moving obliquely through the human condition. Reaching out for the cosmos, while remaining firmly rooted to the terrestrial rumble of the bass, he displays his inversion of soundsystem culture, in the spaces between dub, ambience and techno.

Born in 2015, flux vortex is Aditya's vessel for producing music, DJing and live electronic performance. He has performed around the country at stages such as Chilltop Festival in Goa, Ziro Gravity festival in Coorg, as well as Boxout Wednesdays and various Reproduce Listening room sessions.


Free.wav: Nithin Shams & flux vortex's Electronic Music Residency Returns With Nicolas Jaar, Rana Ghose & More

In 2021, Dee En-member Aditya Kapoor aka flux vortex and Nithin Shamsudhin, along with Parimal Shais, hosted an electronic music residency entitled 'Free.wav' at Bhoomi Farms, a fruit farm and...

National Animal, D80, Yuhina & More Feature On REProduce's Curation For Le Guess Who?

Netherland-based International festival Le Guess Who?, known for its forward-thinking approach, hosted LGW TV in 2020 as a digital alternative when its on-ground outings were limited by the pandemic....

flux vortex Thrives Between Dub & Drum 'n' Bass On 'Dogmatic'

While New Delhi producer Aditya Kapoor aka flux vortex has consistently maintained a loose tether to dub in his richly layered form of dance music, the connection becomes even more subtle on his...

Free.wav: flux vortex, Parimal Shais & Nithin Shams To Host Electronic Music Residency In Kerala

Dee En-member Aditya Kapoor aka flux vortex, Parimal Shais and Nithin Shamsudhin have announced an electronic music residency which will take place at Bhoomi Farms, a fruit farm and community space in...

EchoFloat, Parimal Shais, Flux Vortex & More Feature On ‘Soul Curry Vol. 2’

After nearly half a decade of sporadically releasing electronica albums and compilations, with increasing regularity over the past two years, Bangalore-based collective and label Noosphere Network...

COVID WARS: Viral Music Challenge Reaches India’s SoundCloud Music Producers

The coronavirus isn’t the only thing spreading exponentially. On the more positive flipside of the deadly pandemic and its associated lockdowns, music producers around the world have light-heartedly...



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