mad miran, ALTERED & more

mad miran, ALTERED & more


1 December 2019


Aqua - The Park


mad miran

Now based in Rotterdam (where she works at the respected Clone Records shop), mad miran is a DJ who bubbled up from Amsterdam's underground scene, expanding her reach to take over dancefloors all across Europe and eventually landing a residency at De School. This long-time music fanatic started her journey behind the booth as part of the Strange Sounds from Beyond crew, where she built up her tastes in an even wider array of different electronic styles. After making the transition from always being on the dancefloor to someone who now oversees the party, mad miran's DJ skills are hard to argue with as she is able to confidently blend and blur the lines between whatever corner of adventurous electronic music catches her fancy in the moment.


ALTERED is the alias of Neil Chauhan and Sunil Hubli when they take control of the console. Being ardent music listeners, they missed the times when one would stumble upon great tracks and listen to the them with other music aficionados. The universe conspired and they met each other at a party and exchanged music. They realized that although their musical taste was diverse, they shared the same undying passion for music. They created the moniker ALTERED with belief that every sonic experience should evoke myriad emotions in the listener.




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