Tej Brar & DJ MoCity

Tej Brar & DJ MoCity


17 May 2020



4PM on Third Culture's Instagram

Third Culture founder Tej Brar will go live with DJ MoCity to listen to a bunch of beats/demos sent to the music agency.


DJ MoCity

DJ MoCity is an award-winning DJ, promoter and co-founder of South Asia’s first online community radio - Boxout.fm. Born and raised in Baghdad and New Delhi, MoCity spent his early days as a hip-hop loving teenager in New Delhi, and has grown into a highly experienced and respected musical tastemaker who has played an instrumental role in the development of creative communities across Asia and the Middle East. The work he’s done with pioneering crews such as the Reggae Rajahs (India), the 264 Cru (Dubai) and his award-winning podcast Motellacast, is a testament to his work ethic and philosophy. A global citizen, MoCity has used his multicultural heritage to connect audiences and communities across regions.



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