Hanumankind Shares Poignant Music Video For ‘Options’

Hanumankind Shares Poignant Music Video For ‘Options’

16 June 2020

Kerala-born Bangalore-based rapper Hanumankind has shared a strongly evocative music video, made in collaboration with Bijoy Shetty, to a new track ‘Options’ over his social media. According to the rapper: “This track was done back in December and I was sitting on it. After seeing all the turmoil happening around us, it was eerie how, upon listening to it again, the song struck a nerve with both me and my brother [Bijoy Shetty].”

The music video uses phone camera and news broadcast footages from the anti-CAA protests, subsequent unjust arrests and retaliation, violent attacks at educational institutes, the riots of North East Delhi from earlier this year, the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, the struggles of migrant labour during the COVID-19 lockdowns and Trump’s visit to India. Underpinned by Hanumankind’s lyrics like I don’t have an option / I don’t have a reason / I come from the bottom where we struggle to be breathing”, the juxtaposition of the footages obtain a strong poignancy that firmly strikes at the listener’s conscience, drawing unnerving parallels between the turmoils around the world.

Watch the video below and head to Hanumankind’s Instagram for more information.


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