Tritha Sinha

Tritha Sinha

Tritha Sinha is a vocalist, composer and music producer based out of New Delhi and Paris. Her debut album 'PaGLI', released on Sony Music in 2014, saw her earn the license to break the rules as well as unlearn and re-interpret what she had learnt in her classical methods. Her next album 'Raagas in Paris' released in 2016 on Silk Road label saw her fuse Indian classical with psychedelic rock with french musicians, Mathias Durand and Paul Schneiter - with whom she formed her rock band Tritha Electric. Her next album, 'Elements d'existence' was inspired by the five elements and saw french musician and sound healer, Martin Dubois on production duties.

Tritha has also co-founded SPACE, a women collective based in New Delhi that creates music to promote dialogue about gender justice.




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