First Few Names For The New Wave Musicfest Announced

19 May 2014

We’ve already warned you about ennui.BOMB’s newest venture to obliterate any existing musical boredom with their fantastic new festival - The New Wave.

The independent label behind gigs like Control ALT Delete came up with the idea of the festival as another platform for indie and punk bands in India and an extension of The Stupid Ditties ethos - a very cool yearly indie compilation that’s garnered a formidable reputation in the past 7 years.

They’ve finally released the first wave of names for the festival to be held in Goa on the 15-16 November, and it’s pretty great. Expect to hear a variety of indie and punk acts from all over Asia like all girl pop-punk legends Shonen Knife, Malaysia’s garage rock outfit, Kyoto Protocol and some of our favourite bands from the subcontinent – Peter Cat Recording Co., Sky Rabbit, Tritha Electric, Bombay Bassment, Castles in the Sky and many more. You can check out the entire list (still to be fully updated) on their website here.

With The New Wave, ennui.BOMB wants upcoming Indian indie artists to have a stage where they can show off what they’ve worked so hard for - offering a chance to interact with other big acts from Asia. The venue and ticket details have yet to be revealed, though the fest will most likely be pocket friendly and is ideally situated (Goa!) for us festival goers.

"TNW aims to align the Indian indie music scene with the rest of Asia. It's about time we know good bands/musicians from our neighbouring countries as they should know about us. It will be cheap, frill-free and showcase a side of Goa most of us have not seen before. The only reason you should come for this festival is the music and not for no gimmicks." - Rishu Singh, ennui.BOMB

There’s a tonne to look forward to and we’re already getting restless for November. Everything from the huge line-up and perfect location to the websites colourfully electric design seems to beckon Indie and alternative devotees down south for an incredibly fun and unpretentious weekend.

We don’t recommend you miss this one. You can keep updated by checking up on their Facebook page and Facebook event.

Words: Diya Gupta


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