Watch: Tritha Releases New Video For ‘Rangamati’

31 August 2016

Kolkata born Tritha Sinha pays tribute to famed 20th century Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam with a new video for ‘Rangamati’ (The Red Soil of Earth) from her 2014 album PaGLi.

The song includes some of Nazrul Islam’s poetry in its lyrics (which are all in Bengali, but have been translated in the video below) and have been reimagined by Tritha who wanted to convey “an African groove and trance like dance rythm movement inculcated into the song”. The video features Tritha in her element (bindi, sarees and all) at Rustrel region in the Luberon village, South of France, backed up by two dancers.

“Inspired by the words of Kazi Nazrul Islam, probably the most famous Bengali poet after Tagore, and released on the 40th anniversary of his death, the video explores the themes of love and strong feminity in the red earth (Ranga Maathir) of Bengal. This song celebrates the vibrancy, colour and texture of the red soil during the season of love when raw energies of young lovers are felt and expressed. The flowers become ornaments of the tribal women expressing their freedom of choice and raw passion swaying to the drums and flutes in the air around the red soil of the pristine land.” -Tritha

Check out Tritha’s videos for PaGLi, Macher Baajar and Baci Baci if you’re interested in knowing more about her unique style. A new album by Tritha Electric, Tritha’s internationnally acclaimed psychedlic fusion band, is due to be released this November.

Watch the video for Rangamati below. You can head over to Bandcamp to download the song for free for a limited amount of time. Follow Tritha on Facebook for updates.


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