Listen: ‘No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside’ By Nawksh

15 May 2017

With almost no word or warning, Karachi-based artist Nawksh has just released a 14-track LP titled ‘No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside’.

Done in collaboration with the outer c warehouse - an ambiguous and relatively mysterious moniker for who we’re not entirely sure - the project is as eccentric and mesmerising as everything we’ve come to expect from Nawksh.

Nawksh is known for his offbeat, multi-media releases; notably for ‘Told No One’, five short “sound-puzzles/interactive experiments in greyscale” - an entrancing piece of work.

‘No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside’ is made up of 14 tracks of pure soundscapes; noises that are at once jarring and soothing, toeing the line between the absurd and the brilliant. Tracks like ‘New Song’ may only be 95 seconds in length, yet are haunting enough to remain memorable long past the first listen.

You can listen to ‘No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside’ below and follow Nawskh on Twitter and SoundCloud for any new releases.


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