Transition Announces Names For A Series Of Techno Tours Through 2016

3 February 2016

Following two fantastic shows last year, which included performances by Californian techno producer Drumcell, Arjun Vagale, Kohra and Jitter at I-Kandy in Gurgaon, concert series Transition is back in 2016 with an extensive and future facing line up.

Coming editions of the concert series from February to May will feature performances by a host of exceptional techno producers including Paula Temple, Perc, Brian Sanhaji, Tommy Four Seven, Truncate and more to be announced. Details of venues and cities haven't been revealed yet.

The team at Verge, who run the Transition series have also released a sufficiently dark video to get the hype up.

“Transition defines the shift in the music paradigm. The event attempts to express this change through various International and domestic underground acts with minimal but intense production. Transition will be seen across states in India over the coming months.”

We can’t wait. Follow Transition on Facebook for updates and watch the video for Transition 2016 below:


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