Lifafa, Sickflip, Blot! & More Announced For Multi-Day Music Event Earthen

Lifafa, Sickflip, Blot! & More Announced For Multi-Day Music Event Earthen

20 November 2020

While India continued to see a daily number ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 of new Coronavirus infections in the month of November, the country’s suffering events industry edged towards a return with limited capacity gigs at some of its regular haunts and especially at hotels of Goa. Most large-scale music festivals have decided to skip having a 2020 edition (Supersonic even postponing itself straight to 2022) or host a virtual edition, with the exception of Sunburn which announced dates at Vagator, Goa for December before retracting its decision and announcing a series of venues along the beach instead.

Amidst it all, the country’s dance music scene has received a new multi-day music event with Earthen, which describes itself as a “boutique IP whose holy-grail is bequest forts, palaces and imperial mansions across the country with music, art and culture being the pivot.” For its first edition, Earthen is hosting a 2-day music event on December 12 and 13.

In light of the pandemic, the event has announced a strict invite-only policy to maintain a limited on-ground audience, the members of which will have to submit a negative COVID report 24-48 hours before entering and follow social distancing guidelines and health advisories.

The lineup of the event includes Ash Roy, Audio Units, Blot!, D80, Hedrun, Jay Pei, Lifafa, Murthovic, Nash Jr., Sickflip, Anhad Khanna, Vinayak^a, VRIDIAN, Zequenx and Nathu Lal Solanki.

For more information, follow Earthen on Instagram and to request invitation for the event, head here.

Image: BLOT! by Rishabh Sood


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