Listen: Karachi Based Electronica Producer 'Alien Panda Jury'

22 November 2012

As we delve into the depths of the Pakistani underground, it's hard not to talk about artists off the Forever South roster. One such artist is Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey a.k.a Alien Panda Jury.

Having been actively engaged in the underground circuit and music scene in Karachi, Pakistan for the past 12 years primarily as a bassist (currently with //orangenoise), Alien Panda Jury is essentially an experimental electronic solo project by Panjwaneey spearheaded directly out of his bedroom.

"Being a musician and songwriter there's times where you feel an urge to get your individuality out onto something. To me throwing on a housey beat with ambient pads, eastern classical vocals and percussions sampled and manipulated with a grinding bassline mashed up with occasional over-saturated acoustic guitars... is normal. It's also just so much fun to be able to throw everything in and go nuts to a point where it all makes sense in a way!

I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I recorded the New Earth EP. In fact I mixed, mastered and recorded it all on these cheap 250 rupee in-ear headphones in my bedroom with a 2 input interface hooked into my laptop and a dynamic mic which all somehow just, worked out, in fact it's exactly what I use when playing live. Enter 2012 I've been working on a few new tracks (yes on better headphones) 'Warmth' (hear below) being the most recent release under the Forever South banner. I also have 2 collaborations out with Empror Lephant and Tollcrane (both from Karachi as well). These can be heard on my SoundCloud page here" - Alien Panda Jury

Influenced by classic psychedelia, industrial, electronic and eastern/regional sounds, his music is a heady mix of infectious melodies and a unique beat-programming style, which is elegant in design yet at times brutal in practice.

We're pretty sure this guy's going to leave a solid mark on Pakistan's music scene. Already pushing forward with fellow bandmates in indie outfit //orangenoise, he now seems to have his sights set at creating memorable, accessible, experimental and flourishing electronica.

Listen below.

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