SHOSH & Anu$hka

SHOSH & Anu$hka


20 April 2019


Koramangala Social



American born DJ, producer and promoter, SHOSH has quickly risen as an emerging talent in the UK garage & bassline underground. With her 1st track released on 3000Bass in 2017, SHOSH has worked hard to establish her own sound, and in the last year alone, has made guest appearances at Glastonbury, Garage Nation, DJ Mag, Boomtown & Outlook Festival to showcase her music & brand. SHOSH has built an exceptional reputation for her high-energy DJ sets, blending exclusive heavyweight tracks with classic old skool sounds and sing-along anthems. With a wealth of support from industry giants, and bookings every weekend throughout the UK and Europe.



A seasoned hand on the subcontinental indie soundscape, Anushka’s sonic style is constantly evolving, innately exploratory and yet distinctively recognisable. Characterised by a firm grounding in electronica, her DJ sets are layered with bass heavy beats and edgy breaks ultimately ensconced in a darker, moody veneer. Her versatile approach always lends itself to current influences – at present 4x4, left field bass, house and techno dominate.



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