Watch: A Year Of BFR Soundsystem Via Al Jazeera

24 May 2017

Over the course of a year, Delhi-based filmmaker Vikram Singh followed musician Taru Dalmia on his travels with BFR Sound System.

Convinced of the role reggae can play in political activism, Taru has long dreamed of building a sound system - a representation of the very origins of reggae music.

After raising money and investing some of his own to build one of just 3 existing authentic, Jamaican style and custom built systems in the entire country he has recently shifted focus on taking the system on the road in the hopes of tackling the crackdown on free speech under the current government.

Uncertain of how the local protesters and activists will see him, Taru supports protests across the country from Delhi to Pune and the North East.

You can watch it below and follow BFR on Facebook for detailed information on the next stops with the soundsystem.

Image credit (main + thumb): Al Jazeera


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