Watch: 'Aaja' By Swet Shop Boys

3 March 2017

Following a string of exemplary music videos, the latest visual offering from Swet Shop Boys is one of their best releases yet. The trio, comprised of Heems (formerly of Das Racist), Riz MC (aka Riz Ahmed, star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and producer Redinho shared their video for ‘Aaja’ late last night.

Directed by Sofian Khan, ‘Aaja’ is shot in the style of a home-made video fused with elements of a classical Bollywood film. Heems and Riz are dressed like Hindustani classical music singers narrating a tale. The story, one of first love lost and regained, is weaved masterfully into the video.

The track is barely four minutes long but manages to fit in a story, Riz and Heems’ hilarious characters (look out for Riz’s hair and their general gestures and reactions) as well as a tribute to the late Qandeel Baloch. With heads bowed, the song ends and a quote from Qandeel takes over before a dedication to her is revealed.

’T5’ was their first music video, released via The Fader, off their debut album ‘Cashmere’. After last month’s release of ‘Zayn Malik’, the Swet Shop Boys come through with their strongest video yet for ‘Aaja’. Watch it below and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information about their releases. You can also read a review of their album, ‘Cashmere’ here.

Image credit [main and thumb]: Swet Shop Boys


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