Japanese Producer Daisuke Tanabe To Tour India In December

13 September 2016

Knowmad Records is Mumbai’s newest independent record label that’s kicking things off with style by bringing in acclaimed Japanese producer and RBMA graduate Daisuke Tanabe down to Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan (full lineup here) this December.

The label will officially launch in the coming months, but we’ve heard that there’s a lot more coming from them, both within the subcontinent and beyond.

Knowmad Records doesn’t limit itself to music – they’re also widening the arena to include illustrators, graphic designers, animators and visual artists. And there’s lots more to be announced soon…

The label’s making sure the country keeps their eyes and ears open by bringing one of Japan’s most forward thinking exports – Daisuke Tanabe – down to the country. Originally from Chiba, currently residing in Tokyo, the former art student’s work has evolved from its techno and breakbeat roots to something much more inclusive that straddles a range of genres - most notably hip-hop, electronica, folk and jazz. His productions are complex, delicate, atmospheric and, more than anything else, remarkably unique.

You can head over to Daisuke Tanabe’s SoundCloud and Facebook for more.

Follow Knowmad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud for updates – there’s a lot more coming from the fledgling label.

Gig details:
9-11 December: Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan
16 December: Bonobo, Mumbai
17 December: The Humming Tree, Bangalore
18 December: High Spirits Cafe, Pune


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