Listen: ‘Generative Music For Children And Adults’ by Audio Pervert & Da Saz

30 July 2015

Audio Pervert dabbles in ambient, downtempo techno with Da Saz in their experimental new album ‘Generative Music for Children and Adults’, described as the “a proto-type attempt to disembark from known forms of electronic music into the unknown and spontaneous possibilities of sound and it's effect on the mind”

The producer and proponent of electronic music, known to his peers as Samrat B, released the album early this month with fellow analogue veteran Lionel Dentan as a free download on Bandcamp and we finally got around to giving it a listen a couple of days ago.

‘Generative Music For Children and Adults’ was composed and recorded live at Da Saz Sound Lab, so naturally, it’s leans towards the experimental and abstract, i.e. this isn’t something you can play in a club or on a long drive. The album requires a certain prior interest in experimental and ambient music to appreciate.

The collaborative release is a slow burner, building itself on atmospheric and deep tunes laced with subtle techno elements. Pace and energy builds with the cleverly constructed Final_Kount_Down and Congo_Bats, peaking at its closer - Legendary_ZUMAROOD - a dark track which layered unearthly, reverberating vocal samples and jungle noises (for lack of a better descriptor) over synthesized beats, clicks and plinks; sounds that embraced the robotic otherness of electronic music rather than attempting to repackage it. The Legendary_ZUMAROOD reminded us most of Audio Pervert’s past solo work past.

There's no denying that the album is cleverly produced and artistically constructed, but even after multiple listens, we were left feeling a little less stimulated than we expected. The Indo-Swiss collaboration is strictly headphone listening. Download it for free here on Bandcamp and listen below. Follow Audio Pervert’s blog for updates and Da Saz on SoundCloud for more music.


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