Gig Preview: Gypsy All Stars At blueFROG

7 February 2014

Remember the Gipsy Kings, those mysterious European musicians from the 90s of Bamboleo and Volare fame. Your parents definitely had a cassette or two… ring any bells?

The Gipsy Kings were notorious for popularising rumba catalana, and are now in India (with a slightly different arrangement) collaborating with Rajasthani folk musicians.

After rechristening themselves royally as ‘Gypsy All Stars’ (not to be confused with New York Gypsy All Stars), this monstrously talented group of pedigree gypsies lead by Cedric Leonardi and George Reyes have been working meticulously on a project called ‘Return To Rajasthan’. While an insight of what to expect has been captured by Delhi based Balcony TV (see below), it will still not quite prepare you for what’s in store.

Of course there will be the traditional Volare kind of rumba but there will be dance as well. Vocals are there but more so, what is captivating is the manner in which both folk traditions weave in seamlessly – there is no deliberate effort or planned course – you will find plenty of improvisation.

These guys performed at Sulafest earlier this week so we're anticipating a whole bunch of people who will be coming down for a second round at blueFROG this Saturday. After all, the music is good enough to be heard all over again.

Catch the Gypsy All Stars in blueFROG Mumbai, Saturday 8 Feb - 10.30pm.

Words: Divya Naik


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