Wild City #222: Lush Lata

Wild City #222: Lush Lata

9 March 2023

Lush Lata's Wild City mix moves from thumping kicks-backed Sarod meanderings of 'Maharaj Trio and Nickodemus' to the booming hip-hop beat of 'Go Again' by A-STAR to cuts by Overomono, SBTRKT, Romare, Breaka and Fred Again alongside works by homegrown talents like Oceantied, Potter and Stain, while also slipping in Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Swarnalatha and Karsh Kale. With 40 tracks in less than an hour, the New Delhi selector's mixing moves quickly just like her trajectory as an artist.

Starting as a member of the femme collective Coven Code and a staple figure of boxout.fm, Lush Lata has built her work over an embrace for Bollywood and the grooves most Indian kids grow up around while connecting it to her deep love for hip-hop and bass. The individual voice recently led her to be featured at Berlin's CTM Festival this year with a talk, DJ-ing workshop and a performance at dance music's most iconic club The Berghain to become the first Indian woman to perform at its Panorama Bar.

Lush Lata in front of The Berghain || Image by Rishabh Chadha

"I am way more open to new sounds and musical experiences than before. Also, they love what's going on in India right now," says Lush Lata, recounting her time in Berlin which she also does by ending her mix with Shy FX and T-Power's 'Shake Ur Body (feat. D.I.)', a track that she describes as "the tune that took my night at Berghain to another level when I heard it on the dancefloor in DJ Voilet's set at CTM festival."

"I always have a lot to share cause I feel a lot. This mix is made up of a myriad of genres, styles, and tempos. Don't expect a straightforward and linear experience when listening to this mix. If you can open yourself to it, it will take you to a lot of places." – Lush Lata

Listen to the mix below:

Direct Download Wild City #222: Lush Lata // Head here for Mixcloud

Image by Rishabh Chadha


Path of the liger - Maharaj Trio & Nickodemus
Playboy - Fireboy DML
Go Again - A-STAR
SHE - The Blaze
ELGUERO Conga Afro
Tocame - Sak Noel, Salvi & Franklin Dam
Two Toke - Rolla
bonde - neeiv & kayzze
Friday night - The Busy Twist
So U KNO - Overmono
Gamelena - SBTRKT
POP - James Nasty & Soohan
Kehna Hi Kya (Spice Queen Remix) - A.G
Mera Dil - Stain
mala - eyez (arkham sound refix)
Deep Inside [Jersey Flip] - Sklusive
Leave your dirt at the door - Breaka
Big Thighs - Cozen
Nakshathram (feat. V. Soundara Rajan)
Noian - Naco
Noise - Haro
Okay - Hamdi
When I Rule The World - (SORTAGOTH Remix)
Black pedal - Fixate
Your Love (You Give Me Fever) - Romare
José - Rafael Aragon
Potter - Purifier
Sunta Hai Mera Khuda - Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy & Swarnalatha
CQB - Kalbaisakhi
Oceantied - We Back
Nadia - Karsh Kale
Blue Boss Flip - Mystic State
Bengali - OAKK
Fred Again - Jungle (Metalwork Bootleg)
Anja - Karsh Kale
Aaiye Meherbaan vs Fine Dinin - BAVLOW FLIP
Shake Ur Body (feat. D.I.) - Shy FX & T-Power


Lush Lata


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