DJ Karma & MC Soopy

DJ Karma & MC Soopy


30 June 2018


Raasta Cyberhub



MC Soopy

MC Soopy is the alter ego and stage name of New Delhi native Siddhant Roop Rai. As an MC , MC Soopy adds an element of surprise and break neck energy to DJ sets of any genre across the country. A combination of improvised grime infused rapping, high energy hyping and an overall mic prowess, enables MC Soopy to add a fresh sense of dynamism into the new and bourgeoning wave of underground music in India. As a DJ, MC Soopy traverses the sounds of hip hop, soul, trap, house, disco, italo and techno.


DJ Karma

DJ Karma is a DJ/MC (rapper) and promoter of Hip Hop in Delhi. He hypes the crowd midset with rhymes that transition easily between Hindi and English



MC Soopy DJ Karma Raasta Cyberhub


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