Nucleya & SickFlip

Nucleya & SickFlip


14 April 2018


HyLife Brewing Company




As a new age electronica artist, SickFlip’s driving force comes from an amalgamation of travel, music and collaboration. Known for his love for organic world instrumentation incorporated onto fresh, electronic rhythms, SickFlip’s shows are all about dance, energy, good vibes and memorable experiences. In a short span of time since his emergence on the scene, he has belted out worldwide digital releases on record labels like High Chai Records (US), Rub A Duck recordings (Netherlands), Plain Dope records (UK) and Sony Music (India). Notably, he was tasked to create an official remix for Finnish bass artist Axel Thesleff and produced a full length album for Irish singer- songwriter Cian Finn. The Ladakh Project – an elaborate conceptual audio-visual showcase – got him national acclaim.



Nucleya redefines Indian electronica by creating a combination of complex cut-up alters and unheard Indian sounds, with cutting-edge production and genre-defying rhythms. For the love of Indian electronica and a craving to make what might be Indian electronica later on, Nucleya is making music that he needs to hear on the grounds, which nobody else has made it for him. This is the next level of Indian electronica in India. Nucleya has been established by Udyan Sagar, a previous member of the Bandish Projekt. Udyan is, to a great degree, an adaptable craftsman, who is not just an artist, but rather a music-maker and a sound-planner. His live performances extend his flexibility and skill, better than expected.



SickFlip Nucleya


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