Listen: SickFlip Releases ‘Dark Ages’ EP As Free DL

4 April 2016

Mumbai based producer Sarvesh Shrivastava a.k.a SickFlip has just released his new two-track EP ‘Dark Ages’ as a free download.

It’s been well over a year since SickFlip released his memorable last EP ‘The Ladakh Project’ to very positive reviews by both his peers in the industry and listeners. The accompanying video (shot in the formidably beautiful expanses of Ladakh district in Kashmir) was filmed with The Outbox Project over 15 days.

Like its predecessor, ‘Dark Ages’ combines Western trap and bass structures with local Indian and in this case, Middle Eastern instrumentation for something quite unique. While both tracks maintain that tailored-for-club, heavy bass feel that SickFlip’s known for, Dark Ages takes on a more maximalist aesthetic that’s less reminiscent of the mountains of Ladakh and more evocative of urban India's hectic lifestyle, particularly in dramatic opener ‘Mad Max’. 'Desert Bae' uses generic “middle-eastern instrumentation” for a (slightly Nucleya-esque) bass tune we’re sure a lot of people are going to enjoy.

"Dark Ages EP is a two track release wherein both the tracks are pretty different from each other, yet they share a prevalent mysterious dark vibe which cuts them from the same cloth. The first one - 'MadMax' I think, is a bit heavy and menacing whereas the second one - 'Desert Bae' is all about the mysterious Indian / Middle Eastern flavours and sounds glued together by a driving hip-hop swing”

The EP marks an evolution in SickFlip's sound and we're glad to see him experimenting with different moods and styles. We’re keen to see what he has in offer for an upcoming full length album slated to release later this year. Listen to the EP below and download it here on SoundCloud. Follow SickFlip on Facebook for updates.


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