SickFlip, Komorebi, FILM & More

SickFlip, Komorebi, FILM & More


21 November 2021


New Delhi


Venue: Summerhouse Cafe & Auro Kitchen & Bar


After a lifetime of dreaming about it, tsurbhi finally took to the deck and has not looked back since. Being partial to the bass in her musical choices, she experiments with genres where it is the hero. Like her personality, her music is eccentric and full of life. Firm in her belief that music transcends the boundaries of time and space, today she is a DJ who plays for the moment.


Moniker of producer-guitarist Raj Kanwar Sodhi who treads the intersection of jazz, hip-hop and R&B as a creator.



As a new age electronica artist, SickFlip’s driving force comes from an amalgamation of travel, music and collaboration. Known for his love for organic world instrumentation incorporated onto fresh, electronic rhythms, SickFlip’s shows are all about dance, energy, good vibes and memorable experiences. In a short span of time since his emergence on the scene, he has belted out worldwide digital releases on record labels like High Chai Records (US), Rub A Duck recordings (Netherlands), Plain Dope records (UK) and Sony Music (India). Notably, he was tasked to create an official remix for Finnish bass artist Axel Thesleff and produced a full length album for Irish singer- songwriter Cian Finn. The Ladakh Project – an elaborate conceptual audio-visual showcase – got him national acclaim.



Komorebi is an electronica outfit from New Delhi, spearheaded by Tarana Marwah who started this project independently in February 2015. Komorebi, immensely inspired by Japanese Anime Sountracks, is a Japanese word that translates to - "Sunlight that filters through Tree Leaves." A twisted test-tube offspring of Pink Floyd, St. Vincent and Alt-J morphed into a haunting folklore ensemble, the nostalgic sound of Komorebi demands your attentive ears as the accordion and ukelele guide you into an ocean of vocal harmonies and euphoric ambience.



Sanil Sudan aka FILM lives suspended between two worlds. Oscillating between deeply moving, emotional electronic music with a sonic vision that pulls together elements of house and techno with influences from hip-hop, jungle and even pop music. Productions range from straight-up dance floor jams to low-slung ambient tracks and more abstract compositions.



The aim of Tansane is an inquiry, into the combination of characteristic spirits of musical cultures from different eras. The name Tansane was chosen to pay homage to one of the greatest Indian musicians of antiquity, Mian Tansen, who was one of the nine gems of Empreror Akbar's court.



Aditya Malve is a DJ and producer based in Mumbai. Being an audio engineer, Aditya understands the essence of the music like no other. Aditya has been producing over 6 years, having a bunch of releases. He produces and performs electronica and drum 'n' bass under the alias ‘DIVERSION AHEAD.'



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