Toxe B2B Mechatok

Toxe B2B Mechatok


9 November 2018


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi



Though young in terms of age, in just a few years Swedish producer Toxe has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. She is already crafting some of the most disconcerting yet thrilling music productions, with soaring synthetic landscapes, frenetic drum patterns and luscious melodies – and a sound that is uniquely her own.

With an acclaimed debut EP 'Muscle Memory' that was released on Staycore, an audio-visual project 'Morning Story' presented with The Vinyl Factory, and ‘Still Life’ a score for KENZO's FW 2016 prints presentation made in collaboration with Mechatok, Toxe was already eliciting high praise. She has now expanded her portfolio with 'Blinks', her new EP, which flourishes her chemistry with candied melodies and innovative rhythms, offering meditative glimpses of gripping, fluorescent hues and her bustling yet eager pensive tone.


The allure of Timur Tokdemir aka Mechatok's music can partly be attributed to his classical training on the guitar, which lends an assiduously dramatic, confrontational quality to his productions. He exhibited a rare sophistication in his debut EP 'See Thru', which followed through on his 'All My Time' EP released on Presto!? Records.

His distinctive sound, which is wistful and blissful in equal measure, carries over in his DJ sets – where he juggles club music, melodic pieces and rap – and in his melancholic yet uplifting mixes.


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