Kaam Bhaari

Kaam Bhaari
Tanya Agarwal

Mumbai-based Kunal Pandagle is at peace spilling words that are triggered by the metronome alone. As Kaam Bhaari, the 20-year-old lyrical machine has been representing 'Kandivali 101' ever since hip-hop emerged as a natural medium of expression in his early teenage years - from poems and dedications of love to his sister on Rakhi, to his first dog found a rhythm to a beat.

As a connoisseur of love poetry, Kaam’s own words were used for the song ‘Kab Se Kab Tak’ for the feature ‘Gully Boy’, where he also made an appearance. From relying on basic cell phone technology to now writing his debut EP, Kaam has swivelled independent hip-hop in India by introducing a taste of Kandivali 101. His lyrical flow that emerges from the murk of an unequal society does not escape his own will to survive and furthers his rebellion through the double-edged dagger that we have all come to know as, hip-hop. He is now signed with IncInk Records.



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