Watch: BlooperHouse Studios Launches Electronic Music Series ‘Crossfade’

Watch: BlooperHouse Studios Launches Electronic Music Series ‘Crossfade’

5 September 2018

BlooperHouse Studios, a state-of-the-art analog recording studio in Kolkata, recently launched their pet series 'Crossfade'. Crossfade claims to be India's first homegrown full-length electronic music project, which made its debut at the end of August with an episode featuring Kolkata electronic duo Hybrid Protokol.

Hybrid Protokol was born from a shared love for breakbeat, acid techno, 90s electronic music and, evidently, hardware. With no patience for DJ sets, the duo have established a career exclusively as a live electronic act, marked by the release of two EPs, 'Deep Beyond Belief' and 'Sounds In Place – Vol I' which was released earlier this year.

Set in the luxuriant Delo Hills in Kalimpong, the video features Aneesh Basu and Soumajit Ghosh belting out a 40-minute electronica and techno live set, accompanied by their usual arsenal of synthesisers, drum machines and samplers.

Watch the video below:


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