Korn Once More Call Dubstep 'The New Heavy Metal'

9 August 2012

After claiming last year that the band, who are expected to tour India later this year had pretty much "created dubstep before there was dubstep", it seems Korn are still talking about it.

Whilst speaking to Spinner, frontman Jonathan Davis (who now has his own dubstep side project called J Devil) described the genre as “the new electronic heavy metal”. “It’s the-filthier-the-better in that world”, he said, “and with heavy metal, it’s the heavier the better, so it’s kind of the same thing.”

Davis and his bandmates released their 10th studio album 'The Path Of Totality' in December last year. The album saw them work with the likes of Skrillex and Noisia adding influence from genres such as dubstep to their dated nu-metal sound. He also revealed how he goes about his J Devil live shows: “I make people drop their jaws because I’m just up there telling them to go fuck themselves. No one’s ever done that at an EDM show and crowds are loving it. It's not like I'm offending anyone. People are like 'Yeah, fuck you too!'"

You can watch a short clip of a J Devil performance below. We know. It's definitely not dubstep!




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