Sound Camp Artists Announced

20 July 2012

Curated once again by Gebrüder Teichmann (after the success of the BLNRB album titled Welcome To The Madhouse, a project that involved 22 Kenyan musicians, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor and Gebrueder Teichmann back in 2010) and funded by the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Sound Camp is the latest initiative bringing together a selection of South Asian and German electronic musicians who will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to spend just under 2 weeks together creating music, exchanging ideas and experimenting with various forms of the common creative process.

Sound Camp will take place on Ruskin Island in a house/collection of houses just outside of Colombo, where the artists will live and work together for 12 days. Studio equipment, accommodation and meals will all be provided on site giving artists the opportunity to concentrate on sharing ideas and creating music.

"Often artists network and forge alliances through the internet or with people they met on the run while on tour. Sound Camp is designed to create an environment that offers exactly the opposite." - Sound Camp

Ruskin Island is about 1 hour away from Colombo and is located on Bolgoda Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Sri Lanka. Equipped with its own cable-drawn ferry, the island offers wildlife, seclusion and a common place for the artists to focus on compositions. The process will culminate with a show on 11 August at the incredible Gaffour Building in Colombo featuring all of the artists featured within the process. (More info on that show here)

The content and direction of the project still remains open, something that will take form only once the Soundcamp collaborations have commenced. An album release and documentary are likely, yet not a must. The whole process will be covered by Border Movement with videos, diaries and blog posts being uploaded over the course of the 12 days.

The selected musicians come from a vast array of backgrounds from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Germany. A full list of the particpnats can be seen below:

Ish (Delhi / India)
Rahul Anand (Dhaka / Bangladesh)
Asvajit (Colombo / Sri Lanka)
Gaurav Malakar (Delhi / India) - (BLOT: Listen to their Wild City mix here)
Yashas Shetty (Bangalore / India)
Kini Rao (Mumbai / India)
Amman Mushtaq aka Smax (Kirachi / Pakistan)
Qasem Foushanji (Kabul / Afghanistan)
Khan (Berlin / Germany)
Jackmate (Stuttgart/Germany)
Jahcoozi (Berlin/Germany) - (Listen to their Wild City mix here)
Raumagent Alpha (Berlin/Germany)
Gebrüder Teichmann (Berlin/Germany)
Andi Otto (Hamburg/Germany)
Max Turner (Global Vagabond / India, Germany)

For a profile of each artist head over here and for more on the 2010 BLNRB project watch the promo video below:



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