Listen & Download: Sky Rabbit Frontman's Latest Project 'Your Chin'

6 June 2012

Ex Medusa and now Sky Rabbit band member Raxit Tewari has recently started a new solo project called 'Your Chin'. Currently the project is completely self produced, recorded and engineered by Tewari and although only a few moths old, ready with an as of yet untitled debut 4 track EP.

With hints of electro pop and a steady kick-drum pulse alongside Tewari's soothing vocals, the EP makes for an engaging listen and compiles as something dancey, smart and well thought out. This is not the only solo project offshoot from Sky Rabbit. Lead guitarist Rahul Nadkarni is also part of a two-piece live outfit called SnowShoe. An act that have been on our radar for a while (hear them here)

You can see the tracklist to Tewari's debut EP below. For a full download that includes album artwork (as above) you can head over to NH7 where you'll need to to first register.


I Want A Lake
Fall Someplace
Different Turn
Your Chin


Photo Credit (Thumbnail): Elvis D'Silva


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