Watch: Teaser To Indian Music Documentary 'Echoes'

30 May 2012

Lights On Films is a Delhi based production house specialising in short films, music videos and documentaries on art and culture. Having been going for only 5 months, the small team has been making bold moves. Their latest documentary titled 'Echoes' is a take on India's underground music scene taking into account its past, present and future.

"Echoes focuses on the ever changing and rising music scene in Delhi. A lot of independent artists are currently coming up in India, yet for some reason their acceptance is seen more in the capital. We've tried to cover the starting points of Delhi based artists, trying to show how difficult or easy it was for them to start off in India and where they've seen major changes within the scene." - Lights On Films

According to director Satyarth Singh, the most important aspect of the film is the fact that it touches upon how art and technology conflict with each other within music. To help answer this, the film covers a vast array of artists and genres including interviews from musicians such as Stefan Kaye (The Ska Vengers), Space, Dualist Inquiry, Teddy Boy Kill and audio visual collective B.L.O.T!.

Due for release via screenings across the country on 22 June, the 45 minute film promises to be a fascinating insight into some of the scene's most forward thinking players covering how they started and where they see themselves going as the scene progresses.

You can watch a 6 minute teaser of the film below which includes snippets of each artist interviewed:



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