Sigur Rós Host Worldwide Listening Party For New Album

16 May 2012

Icelandic post-rock giants Sigur Rós have recently announced a global listening party for their new album Valtari. Fans will be able to hear the whole album in its entirety this Thursday May 17 during 'Valtari Hour' which will be at 7pm in each time zone around the world.

Their website will have a special platform that will broadcast the album at 7pm, as well as the LP airing on certain radio stations and in record stores, making for 24 hours of Valtari.

"To match the global listening party, you can use the stream to organise your own events! invite friends over! listen together - if you tweet or use instagram, tag your updates with #valtarihour to share your listening experience with other fans around the world. We want to see where and how you listen to valtari for the first time!" - Sigur Rós HQ

If you simply can't wait, you can stream ‘Ekki Mukk’, a track from the new album here and watch the countdown to the Indian stream here



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