UnMute Agency: The New Home For India's Top House & Techno Acts

21 March 2012

Jalebee Cartel's Arjun Vagale is a very busy man at the moment. Whilst endlessly touring across the country both with the band and as a solo DJ, he's also managed to find time to launch ILM Academy as well as UnMute Agency, India's latest management and booking agency started with long time collaborator and Jalebee band manager Dev Bhatia.

In line to become the country's one stop shop for everything house, techno and electronica the agency will manage and book a handpicked selection of Indian electronic artists as well as serve as a countrywide agency for a number of international acts.

UnMute will exclusively look after the following artists (in alphabetical order) with supposedly no more to be added for the rest of the year:

Anil Chawla
Arjun Vagale
Arnold From Mumbai
Ash Roy
Ashvin Mani Sharma
Dale Anderson
Jalebee Cartel
Praveen Achary
Tuhin 'Bruteforce'

"UnMute was brought into being with a very specific agenda; to generate a superior experience for the artist, both on and off stage. With a focus on DJs and live acts producing and playing cutting-edge techno and house, we aim to devise the most innovative shows possible, both in terms of music quality and the total experience. We believe that our pool of artists are the future of India’s underground sounds. Ultimately, that’s what UnMute is all about; bringing their potential straight to the stage." - UnMute Agency



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