Listen: ArchAnaide By ‘Random Cruz Tempo’

Listen: ArchAnaide By ‘Random Cruz Tempo’

6 June 2018

A collaboration between Da Saz and Alex Morpho, Random Cruz Tempo has released ArchAnaide - a collection of extremely interesting experimental projects condensed into sound via modulars, water, ping pong and more.

This particular project was set up in a barn; using vintage instruments such as the Rhodes piano, Aurora preamps, old guitars and equipment like tube amps, spring reverbs and of course - modular synthesizers. Match this with some of the field recordings taken in the mountains, the album makes for an extremely meditative listen.

Like most music produced from synthesizers, ArchAnaide holds a subtle electronic ambience interposed with distinct bleeps and occasional electrical glitches - resembling a playground convention for passing electrical signals.

The project was inspired by a performance which the two artists executed with a ping-pong table where the tempo of a ping pong was synced to a synth. Watch a video to the experiment here.

“That’s why Random Cruz Tempo, because if you take the tempo from a ping pong ball bouncing here and there it is never going to be very straight. We are going to do a ping pong performance at the Habitat in early November this year”

Listen to the project below:

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