Amon Tobin Free Mix & Video Trailer

30 September 2011

It's a little known fact, that up until relatively recently (for reasons apparently related to indecent exposure, fire and indecent exposure to fire...) Amon Tobin was banned from Facebook.

This year however he's been steadily building momentum and now, drunk with vindication, is extremely pleased to announce the relaunch of his Facebook page.

To celebrate, Amon Tobin HQ (as they like to call themselves) have decided to release a very special mixtape of ISAM done by the one and only King Cannibal. In it you'll find ISAM tracks, as well as remixes by 16bit, Two Fingers and an exclusive previously unreleased Starkey remix of Wooden Toy.

To grab it, simply head over here

As an added treat you can watch the immense video trailer of of Goto 10 from the forthcoming box set directly on the facebook page or even better, below:



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