4 Years On: A Guide To Synthfarm

4 Years On: A Guide To Synthfarm

29 September 2017

Synthfarm is a 3-day residency and workshop that will take place 45 km outside of Kolkata in serene tropical surroundings from 13-15 October. Going into its 4th year - it aims to bring together DJs, producers, musicians, fans and aficionados to demystify synthesis, unlock music production, understand the studio and share knowledge.

The 4th edition of this residency will also feature a session with Da Saz. Titled ‘The Science’, it will take participants through a brief history of synthesizers, basic architecture of modular synths, composition with modular systems and, most interestingly, how to create ‘space’ within sound.

Da Saz, aka Lionel Dentan, has been around since 2001 experimenting with both electronic and acoustic instruments, managing to balance the paradigms between east/west music. His voyage into modular systems started in 2008 under the zany persona of Captain Dubroshniev.

United Machines, aka Himanshu Pandey, will also be hosting ‘The Jam’ in Studio 2 of Synthfarm. One of India’s few purists of hardware synthesizer based music, he’s emerged as a mature artist performing electronic music using a vast array of synthesizers. He’ll teach participants how to set up hardware, midi, ‘audio & clock’, what the components of a ‘live jam’ are, drum machines, sequencing and mixing.

In Studio 3, participants will learn all about Ableton Live with New-Delhi based Ableton Live instructor and music producer Aryaman Agarwal. Discussing all things Ableton from building sessions to its hardware and use as a live performance tool.

Overall an incredibly unique opportunity to learn, enhance and share skills. In addition to 12 hours of workshops spread over 3 days, the food will be fresh from the produce on the farm alongside nightly music listening and open jam sessions.

To book yourself a spot, simply go here.

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