Listen: ‘Dolores’ by Dolorblind

21 August 2017

Dolorblind is a Delhi-based artist whose 4-track EP ‘Dolores’ is full of heavy-drums, ghostly synths and a distinct sense of calmness and composure.

An EP that leans towards the ambient side of things, it’s slowed-down soundscapes and serene latter half lulls you right into its web. Listeners may however find themselves having an accidental nap during the second half of 'U R ERR', absorbed within its mellow pace. And although there's a tendency to lean heavily on ambience, there's enough glistening amongst the warbled vocals, distinctive samples and lackadaisical electronica for audiences to keep an eye on this young producer.

Dolorblind has been tapped to play REProduce in New Delhi on Sunday 27 August. You can listen to ‘Dolores’ below and follow Dolorblind on SoundCloud and Facebook for more.




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