Listen: ‘Art as Reason’ By Eridu

17 July 2017

Karachi-based collective Forever South’s latest release comes from Eridu.

Adeel Tahir's (aka Eridu) debut EP, 'Art as Reason' is a 5-track project that borrows from different genres and amalgamates them into a coherent, cohesive piece.

If you took apart each track on the EP, you’d find the foundations of footwork, D&B, hip-hop and electronica. Eridu’s ability to put them together to create something like ‘Exordium’, the second track on the EP, showcases the talent he possesses.

At times, it is a tad bit aggressive but it’s balanced out by calming chords, ensuring you’re never overwhelmed by any one track.

After sporadic singles from the Pakistani producer released through FXS, it’s a delight to hear Eridu's debut EP “Art as Reason” in full. You can listen to the project below and follow Eridu on Facebook and SoundCloud.

You can keep up-to-date with FXS releases via their Bandcamp page.


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