Listen: 'SSP (Six Sample Project)' by Dasta

9 June 2017

A collective of forward-thinking artists, Dasta has been teasing us for months about an upcoming collaborative project.

Today, they released ‘SSP (Six Sample Project)’, a six-track EP which includes a song from each member of the collective.

The concept behind the project was to “gamefy” music making by giving themselves restrictions in terms of time and sample usage

On Bandcamp, the collective wrote the following: “The 6 of us put in a sample each into a shared folder and had exactly 1 week to finish a song using all 6 samples. We did this exercise 4 times and picked our personal favourites for this compilation.

Some of the samples can be heard quite clearly but some of them have been warped, stretched and altered beyond recognition.”

Listen to ‘SSP (Six Sample Project)’ below:

Image credit: Dasta


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