First Listen: ‘Interlude’ By Time Machine

26 May 2017

Time Machine, a new duo composed of Chayan Adhikari and Tarun Balani, have just released ‘Interlude’, a track off their upcoming ‘Around The Corner’.

Singer/songwriter Chayan and beat-maker/composer Tarun came together to create Time Machine as they had an innate and restless desire to create something that’s “imaginative, fearless and pushing the envelope” when it comes to electronic music.

This new adventure sees the two of them taking major strides towards a new sonic landscape. ‘Interlude’ is a perfect example of this. A minimal, anthemic and restrained track - leaving us looking forward to more from this enigmatic duo.

"We live in a world that's closely connected, but not together or united. We pray for peace and live in fear, we yearn for change but are building walls. Despite the gloom there is still hope - something to hold on to. With Time Machine we take a step back in time, as time travellers, to rediscover the innocence, aspirations and joy left behind and forgotten. We travel back to send messages to our future selves through our music and lyrics." - Time Machine.

Time Machine's debut ‘Around The Corner’ EP is due out in June. For now you can listen to ‘Interlude’ below.

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Image credit: Andrew Clarance and Shiv Ahuja



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