Gig Preview: BFR Soundsystem At Champa Gali

20 October 2016

The BFR soundsystem is all set to hold its much-anticipated second edition at New Delhi’s picturesque Champa Gali on 22 October.

If you’ve been following our website in the past, you probably remember the successful crowdfunding and launch of Delhi Sultanate and Begum X’s Bass Foundation Roots soundsystem - one of just a handful of authentic, Jamaican style and custom built systems in the entire country.

After a lot of love and labour, the first ever BFR soundsystem launched at Champa Gali in New Delhi earlier this year, with a strictly vinyl set to a packed house. The system has been on the move since then, making appearances at JNU, the Goethe-Institut and other venues across the city.

This will be their first trip back to Champa Gali – a rustic little alley in the streets of 16th century urban village Said-ul-ajaib near Saket - since the launch. The venue is known for housing a mix of designers, artists, a coffee roasterie, an artisan kitchen and entrepreneurs, and in the spirit of openness and community that BFR also stands for, its inhabitants open their doors to the public on a regular basis.

Expect uncompromising sound quality and a strictly vinyl set at the event, as usual. You can also browse through their mobile book store, which features titles concerned with Indian and African liberation movements and authors ranging from Frantz Fanon and Ambedkar to Arundhati Roy and N Venugopal. The BFR soundsystem was built to challenge India’s narrow club culture and dependency on venues and sponsors by taking reggae (a genre historically painted by social, political and cultural dialogue) directly to the people.

Details available here on their Facebook event. Check out BFR’s radio shows and Delhi Sultanate on SoundCloud for more.


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