Exclusive First Listen: ‘Meta’ by Spryk

20 September 2016

One of our favourite new producers Spryk a.k.a. Tejas Nair combines his love for music and gaming in new banger ‘Meta’ – the first release since his impressive ‘Slow/Fast’ EP.

The Mumbai native put out his new single in a very unique way. He’s partnered with some good friends at Tessellate Studios to create a mini game that rewards the player with a free download of ‘Meta’. The game is fairly straightforward but (it’s a Tuesday, so we’re warning you) pretty addictive.

Here’s what Spryk had to say about the process behind the new single:

"Over the last few months, I've been spending days and nights in the studio trying out new stuff. It has been a gruelling but very satisfying period. Spryk as a project, started as and will continue to be an exploration of stuff I love creating while hoping that people enjoy it just as much and continue to support my endeavours.

It has actually been quite a while since I’ve put out any new music. I've just been really busy working on some really exciting projects, mostly games and digital experiences built around augmented and virtual reality platforms. Being surrounded by games and technology, I thought it would be really cool to give the track away through a game and bring two really fun world closer to each other.”

He goes on to tell us that unlike the majority of his previous releases, ‘Meta’ was written specifically with the dancefloor in mind- “Simply put, its a bit of a banger - sounds huge on a club sound system and I’m really looking forward to playing it out at upcoming gigs.”

You can listen to ‘Meta’ exclusively on Wild City below and have a go at the mini-game here to get your free download. Check out Spryk’s stellar mix here to know more about his sound and follow him on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates and more information - we’ve heard that there are many more announcements coming up.

Art credit: Gulab Saggu




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