Worms' Cottage Releases New Single & Video For ‘Intransient Love’

22 August 2016

Producer and vocalist Rishabh Iyer a.k.a. Worms' Cottage has released the first track and video for ‘Intransient Love’ from his upcoming album ‘Standing Feathers’. The release will be a follow up to his impressive debut ‘Tourguide Impostor’ and the track was released through label and collective Consolidate, which is run by Rahul Giri (_RHL/Sulk Station).

Iyer grows up on ‘Instransient Love’, which is a much more refined version of the beat focussed electronica and garbled vocal delivery that we first heard on Machli’s 2014 mix and immediately fell in love with. Worms' Cottage has also created an understated, beautifully shot monochromatic video to accompany the song that features Pakhi Sen and Anahita Ganjoo.

Here’s what Consolidate had to say about the track and album:

“The producer and songwriter describes this collection as the 'night' following the 'evening record' that his first LP, 'Tourguide Impostor' was.

It is an apt analogy – in comparison to his last LP, 'Standing Feathers' is audibly darker and more intimate. Stylistically and lyrically, the work is sensual, with a track list that feels more homogenous than his previous releases. It is also a clearer statement of his sonic palette and sensibilities as a writer, pulling at some of the most promising threads from his earlier work to arrive at an unlit, cosy yet unsettling place where whispers are loud enough to carry.”

You can watch the video below and follow Worms’ Cottage on Facebook and SoundCloud for more. ‘Standing Feathers’ will be released via Consolidate on 1 September.


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