Listen: Curtain Blue Releases New Single & Video ‘Let Go’

17 June 2016

Delhi based musician, vocalist and electronica producer Curtain Blue a.k.a. Abhishek Bhatia has just released a new single called ‘Let Go’ via Rolling Stone India, the first in a new video series called 'Unbroken', which targets the musician’s growing discomfort with the status quo. The song also features a first time collaboration with sister Abhinaina Bhatia.

‘Let Go’ is the Bhatia sibling’s response to Indian society’s double standards towards women, and Abhinaina’s powerful lyrics speak strongly for the need for feminism and female empowerment in the country. The black and white video has been directed by Riddhiman Gosh and Neiza Silveira, from Concept Counter.

“We see men/women worshiping females as "goddesses" and then we see the same people going around beating women up for wearing "sleeveless" clothes/ for having jobs/boyfriends/exposure/a life. Though I don’t want my video to draw attention to any social cause, but I felt the contradictions that affect women around me while making this track.” - Abhishek Bhatia

There’s also a marked shift from Abhishek's previous, more melancholic and angsty productions both as a solo artist or as collaborator with German producer Robot Koch, to a more pop-influenced and dancefloor friendly sound. We're really curious to see how the rest of his 'Unbroken' series plays out.

You can watch the video below and follow Curtain Blue on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates.


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