Details Announced for Momentum Experimental Arts Festival Kolkata

30 March 2016

Momentum is an experimental arts festival launching in Kolkata this year. The three-day event will take place from 1-3 April and aims to connect and encourage collaboration between local artists, while at the same time acting as a catalyst for multi-disciplinary art forms.

The festival will take place at The Range gallery and will feature talks, workshops, audio-visual showcases, short films, sound installations, new media, performance, digital and video art.

Among those performing are Audio Pervert, JESSOP&CO., PandL (France), Shadowblink, Varun Desai and more. You can see the entire list of artists and workshop/talk topics here.

“The empty spaces which we could call void, are no longer limited by the boundaries of words. Words are repetitive and self-containing, inadequate devices to represent reality and its possibilities. So we turn to the arts. To break away from the tyranny of a world formed by words, images and performances which circumscribe the past and present and define boundaries of what can be. Our freedom lies in finding neologisms, which reflect the artists' relationship with themselves, with time, space and art.

‘Momentum’ festival has emerged spontaneously and organically. With this we hope to create a space in Kolkata for artists to meet and merge and express new relationships with endless possibilities.”

You can head over to their website for details on what to expect and who’s performing. Click here to join their event on Facebook.

Momentum is open to all and free of charge. The festival is curated and produced by Range, The Arshinagar Project & Littlei, in association with and in partnership with Makers Loft - Kolkata Makerspace.


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